After all, we’re here to golf

Our club has always been at the heart of the community and is accessible to golfers of all walks of life. In order to remain affordable, we need to strike balance between quality and value. For this reason, we have to make strategic decisions on where to spend time and money and our priority always comes back to our core product, golf.


Our golf courses were designed by great Canadian architects that had a vision and a plan for our property


Our current plan pays homage to our architects by continuously restoring features from their original designs


We have chosen to select specific areas around our property to grow long grass which accomplishes many goals. We save time and fuel all while restoring a feature from our original design which is also found on some of the world’s most renowned golf clubs.


In an effort to accommodate all levels of players, we have created brand new forward tees on six holes of the Thompson Course which can now be played anywhere from 4800 to 6800 yards.

Fairway redefinition (2020)

We have restored the shape of all of our fairways by straightening them to improve maintenance efficiency and follow the trajectory of golf shots. We have also adopted a two-tone mowing pattern that helps golfers visualize the center of the fairway.

Thompson #17 (June 2021)

The rear of 17th green was reshaped to improve water shed away from the green which has improved the quality of turf in the second half of this large green.

Driving range (May 2022)

A major step toward a better practice facility was the installation of a synthetic turf strip and a sheltered portion allowing dedicated players to practice even when faced with inclement weather.

Thompson #14 (June 2020)

A large tree that had died was removed from beyond the right-hand greenside bunker and the turf was reshaped for better playability and water shed.

Thompson #11 (Summer 2021)

The turf of the last 100 yards of the 11th hole has greatly improved thanks to the removal of many trees which provides better air circulation and sunlight. Rerouting the cart path and reshaping this area has also helped make the area much more healthy.

Watson par 3 tee renos (October 2021)

Par 3 tee boxes need lots of attention and it was simply time to completely renew those on holes #5 and #10. We also took the occasion to level the forward tee on #9 Watson.